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It's a project I've been looking forward to making for a while now: A YouTube channel dedicated to competitive games. Well, as of today, I have the prototype episode uploaded!

I'm gonna spruce up the second one a bit before uploading it, but this is sorta a proof of concept. I'll leave it up and see how people react if they come across it. I'll also be trolling around the YouTube, commenting, discussing and generally making a presence for myself to get people's attention. With a little work, I'm sure it'll be a worthy endeavor.
    I'm not entirely satisfied with my work as of late. The last two stories I wrote to completion both had a lot of angst. And worse, "Pernicious Memory" involved sexual abuse, which I find to be a bit too "of the norm". Most writing you see on this site is of that sort; high emotional torque, usually having to do with abuse, gender, angst, suicide, sex, death, that sort of thing. Things that are very "easy" in their connection to the reader, because they play heavily on sympathy and pity. I dislike it because it seems so shallow most of the time, especially as tokenistically as I did it in "Pernicious Memory". Most of the works that make use of this, on this site at least, are extremely short-form stuff, like poetry. There's no build-up, no characterization of the hot-button issues as anything but hot-button issues, and that bothers me, because that's treating them as insurmountable facts. If we normalize something like rape as an unstoppable force that will inevitably lead to depression and anxiety, then firstly we depower the person who experienced it, and secondly we make someone who is strong in the face of such an ordeal the abnormal one.

    Already, I'm sure, it has occurred to some people that depression is a natural and sane reaction to rape. And that's true, to an extent. But the fact that depression=normal, instinctively, means that we're already halfway to believing that someone who doesn't react that way is unbelievable. This is because treating any reaction as anything other than an expression of the person is presumptuous. To be more concise: If we have a "normal", we force an "abnormal" to exist. What good does having a "normal" do for us? All it gives us is preexisting notions of characters, notions that don't mean anything. Applying the standards of "She reacted to rape with depression and therefore she is weak" and "She reacted to rape without depression and therefore she is strong" are equally arbitrary. The only standard that makes sense is "She reacted to rape with/without depression and therefore she is herself". This, naturally, necessitates that the writer define what her "self" is, and how rape effects it (and then what "rape" is, within the story. What it means, how her character was violated by it, not just her body, that sort of thing).

    This lengthy explanation is why stories and poems about rape, abuse, suicide, ect. so easily become shallow. Nothing is ever defined as deeper than itself. Even in my own "Pernicious Memory", the rape is only there to be something dark and scary, and on the other side of a thin wall that the main character hides behind.

    So that's why I'm going to try and put more magic in my next story. Not necessarily fantasy, unicorns, dragons, faerie-ass magic (well, yes to faeries, sort of), but actual storytelling magic. I can tell whatever story I want, so I'm for damn sure not gonna sink into the same pit of circle-jerking despair that everyone else so enjoys.


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I'll be posting short stories on here, usually stuff I don't plan on having published (or rather, don't think I can GET published). I may also post little rants and tirades that I have, and I would appreciate feed back on these ideas, as well as the stories I post.

Something you should know about me now is that I am going to be saying things that might come off as sometimes trying to sound super-intellectual. My intention is not to sound or pretend to be really smart, but just to sound like how I am and kind of hope that I AM really smart, or get really smart eventually, or something like that.

Hope you enjoy reading :D


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